Our strengths


  • High Technological Capabilities
  • Pharmaceutical Research & Evaluation Research
  • Being Selective about Plant-derived Ingredients and Water
  • Making Cosmetics Based on Aesthetic Dermatology
  • High Technological Capabilities

    By using selective ingredients, we manufacture useful cosmetics with state-of-the-art equipment.

    From many items to choose from, we select ingredients after a thorough evaluation.Even when using the same ingredient,we are selective about the grade and bring out maximum functionality and usefulness. In particular, we are selective about the ingredients in the gel products. With its high moisture retention property, we manufacture gel products with sustainability that are unaffected by the electrolytes in sweat. For the production equipment of mixing devices and filling equipment, we use reliable equipment made in Japan, and we guarantee stable quality products. We are able to manufacture original nano capsules that contain original ingredients using a high pressure emulsification apparatus. By formulating the above, we deliver the necessary ingredients according to what the skin needs.

    Pharmaceutical Research & Evaluation Research

    By thinking about customer satisfaction first, we offer quality design that matches the concept.

    Not only do we formulate the necessary ingredients, we think about how to make the product blend with the skin and bring out the maximum potential of its functionality. We are selective about all ingredients and look for manufacturing conditions that match the ingredients. Pharmaceutical research is divided into the basics and development groups; each group proposes products that match the concept from their own standpoints to come up with a prototype. In line with making the prototype, evaluation research is conducted and its functionality and safety is confirmed through evaluation tests using cells and people.

    Being Selective about Plant-derived Ingredients and Water

    For the relief and safety of the customer,we are selective about the development of plant-derived ingredients and water (water selected as one the 100 best waters of Japan).

    As a general rule, the formulation of our company cosmetics must be developed using only plant-derived ingredients. Furthermore, we look for organically cultivated ingredients within Japan and possess many original organic ingredients. With this ingredient development, we conduct human allergy tests in order to produce cosmetics that are safe. For the water, which is the most important part of cosmetics, we use underground water from the Hiji River, which has been selected as one of the 100 best water sources in Japan (upstream). In pursuing the needs of the customer in terms of relief and safety, the producing of organic cosmetics goes without saying, but we look to correspond to the development of natural cosmetics.

    Making Cosmetics Based on Aesthetic Dermatology

    We continue to challenge the ultimate goal of beautiful skin using scientific evidence.

    We analyzed the skin of more than 5,000 healthy women to develop cosmetics based on important skin data, such as stains, wrinkles, and pores. The patch test is implemented in cooperation with Professor Shinichi Moriwaki of the Dermatology Department of Osaka Medical College, and depending on the need, clinical trials are conducted in cooperation with the department as well. Simultaneously, presentations to the Society of Aesthetic Dermatology are made along with submissions of papers. Furthermore, seminars in the areas of expertise are conducted, and we actively publicize information to the aesthetic dermatology field. In aiming for the ultimate in beautiful skin for all women, we conduct research and development.

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