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    By pursuing quality with state-of-the-art equipment and high manufacturing technology, we manufacture products with high functionality

    Surrounded by greenery, ocean, and rivers, the Bloom Classic Beauty Laboratory & Techno Factory opened in July of 2009 with the keywords of eco and natural in a scenic area of Ozu, which is also referred to as Little Kyoto. Ehime, a place nationally famous for its production of citrus fruits, is also known for its production of high quality kiwi fruits and chestnuts, and at Bloom Classic Beauty Laboratory & Techno Factory, they use these blessings of nature to create products with high levels of safety and reliability. By fusing the magnificent natural environment and state-of-the-art technology, we respond to the needs of the customer.
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  • Organic Cosmetic Manufacturing Certification acquired
  • Bloom Classic Beauty Laboratory & Techno Factory

    (Site Area 9,917 m², Floor Area 6,612 m², 3 stories made of reinforced-concrete)


    Eco & Natural

    With plant-derived ingredients, we manufacture ecological cosmetics that are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. With safety, relief, and reliability as our motto, we promote the development of organic products. We develop cosmetics using domestic farm products from identifiable producers. By removing excess ingredients and materials, we aim for production that is gentle to the environment. The cooling water used at the factory is recycled to reduce the amount of water used. To decrease the use of electricity, the equipment is designed in a way that uses sunlight effectively.


    Not only people, but ingredients and materials are all transferred to the manufacturing room after an air shower so that the manufacturing can be conducted in a clean environment.
    The equipment and devices used for all manufacturing processes are taken apart and thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in a special room.


    In addition to state-of-the-art vacuum emulsification equipment, high pressure emulsification equipment is installed, and we manufacture products of high quality and high functionality, such as nano formulations. A high performance weight management system is installed, and a system of precise weighing without mistakes is established. We have soap manufacturing equipment, and we provide soap products with a high degree of originality.

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  • R&D

    At the research development office, we have in place the functions for ingredient development and safety and efficacy evaluations unilaterally. With the theme of products that respond to the needs of users that are safe and can be used with confidence,we conduct research and development.
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