• Product planning
  • R & D
  • Production
  • Quality assurance
  • Product planning

    In order to plan and design products in line with what customers are hoping for, we use all kinds of information data banks and in-store surveys, etc. to ascertain market trends and manufacture products.


    The R&D Division has a complete range of high level functions enabling integrated R&D from material development through to safety and stability evaluations. R&D is conducted with the motto of delivering products that are safe and reliable to use and which satisfy customer needs.


    Opened in July 2009, the BLOOM CLASSIC Ehime Techno Factory takes as its concept the notion of being "eco-friendly and natural" and was formed in the famously scenic location of Ozu City, also known as the little Kyoto of Iyo, which is surrounded by nature in the form of greenery, sea and rivers. Ehime Techno Factory uses these blessings of nature and aims to manufacture highly safe and reliable products. We consistently satisfy customer needs by uniting this wonderful natural environment with cutting-edge technology.

    Quality assurance

    Inspections are conducted in order to check that manufactured products comply with established standards, and to check that products have not been contaminated with bacteria, etc. In addition, products are stored in special environments and checks are conducted to prevent deterioration in quality so that products can be used with peace of mind.

    Safety support

    Support with peace of mind based on BLOOM CLASSIC's unique evaluation results


    We provide solutions to various requests, including requests from people who want supportive data, skin evaluations, to offer products based on evaluations, and so on.

    Actual verification of safety and usefulness based on all kinds of experiments

    Antioxidant capacity measurement experiments, percutaneous absorption experiments, tyrosinase inhibition activity experiments, human patch tests, stinging tests, cell toxicity tests.

    Installation of skin evaluation system

    Special whole-face image analysis, replica/keratin checker analysis, skin counseling software, multi-purpose skin measuring instruments, etc.


    Full support from planning/design through to trademark/design registration ・Proposal of pamphlets/leaflets in line with Pharmaceutical Affairs Law/Act on Specified Commercial Transactions・Commissioning of import/export work

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